About Us


Gary and Carol Strasser of Northwoods Adventures both have many years of experience in sending outdorrsmen on successful and affordable hunting and fishing adventures for over 45 years.

Gary has hunted worldwide to such places as Mongolia, Russia, most of Africa and most of North America (including Mexico, Alaska and the High Arctic Islands). Gary has taken over 300 SCI Record Book Trophies. He is an active hunter and trap shooter. Gary is currently a NRA-certified Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol and Combat instructor. In his spare time, Gary likes to build custom rifles and spends a lot of time shooting on his private range at his home in Wisconsin. Gary has written many articles on firearms and hunting through Safari Club and other outdoor publications.

Carol is also an avid hunter and shooter who shoots on a trap team and has hunted the western United State, Alaska (taking a nine-foot brown bear), the Midwest and Africa (taking many record-class trophies). She and Gary have been sending clients on successful outdoor adventures for many years.

Northwoods Adventures has many outdoor adventures available for clients and can handle every phase of the adventure, including booking affordable airlines reservations and travel insurance. Northwoods can also setup sight-seeing trips both before and after your adventure.