Refund Policy

Deposits:  It is the policy of Northwoods Adventures and our outfitters NOT to refund any deposit.  We try to keep our deposits modest, usually 25% or lower, in order for the client to be able to afford his adventure and not to have a large outlay of monies at the very beginning.  In some instances we can allow a payment schedule in order to assist our clients.  The client must understand that once we receive the client’s deposit, his adventure / trip is officially booked and the date of the hunt is set aside for him / them and all of the conditions of our contract apply.  We and our outfitter will not sell that date or hunt to another client, thus tying up that hunt date.  On most hunts, we will accept another client that you find or will book your hunt at a latter date with the same outfitter, with written permission from the outfitter and Northwoods Adventures (if cancelled far in advance of the trip).  Cancellation of a hunt requires a written and notarized letter from the client stating the exact reason for the cancellation.

Northwoods Adventures offers cancellation insurance through Access America.  Please contact us for their brochures stating their terms.


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